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Blockchain Business Trends provides information and resources to support businesses operating in the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Business Trends is a media platform dedicated to delivering information and resources geared toward the blockchain business sector. We currently provide regular updates on Blockchain tech, the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFT, Defi, and more. As the space develops, we’ll continue to evolve as we’re dedicated to delivering continued value to the participants in the ecosystem.

It’s been 6 months since our launch, and we regularly engage with thought leaders and businesses in the space. We have exceeded our 6-month outreach and connection goals as we develop communities of like-minded individuals.


Blockchain Business Trends was founded with the support of Center Source Inc. In November 2021, we launched a LinkedIn group that allowed us to engage with blockchain professionals on the platform. We’ve since launched which is our main hub while also focusing on strategies to grow on other mediums.

It should be noted that Blockchain Business Trends is a brand that’s recognized as reliable, authentic, and innovative because it is supported by fundamental pillars such as its main sponsor

Who is Center Source?

Center Source is the world’s first crypto-focused BPO company, providing web 3.0 companies with turnkey customer support solutions for their customers. If you are launching or expanding your web 3 business, accepting crypto payments, and need a highly trained and crypto knowledgeable support team, Center Source is your solution. Visit for more information.

Blockchain Business Trends offerings

Weekly Blockchain Business Trends Report:
In holding with the mission of being a constant source of information, Blockchain Business Trends publishes a report every week covering the following topics: Blockchain tech, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, NFT, DEFI, data analysis of what is trending, and information on important events related to the Blockchain. Visit our site to gain access to each copy of our report:


We are adding more offerings to our roadmap and will announce on our platforms when they are being rolled out; stay tuned!

Our team

Jahmarley Henry is the Product Director for Crypto Solutions with a decade of experience and contributions in the crypto space. In 2017, he led a team that was responsible for converting a major company’s userbase into using Cryptocurrency. He has successfully onboarded and trained thousands of users into the crypto ecosystem.


Betsaida Hernandez is Center Source’s Director of Digital Marketing and Customer Experience. Professional in office management and administration with 11 years of experience optimizing productivity, efficiency, and service quality in a variety of contexts.
Responsible for the planning, logistics, and implementation of Center Source’s marketing strategy, as well as the support of the weekly report edition of Blockchain Business Trends.

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