Sunday, May 26

We are honored to welcome Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) on board for the CryptoVerse Summit happening this 18th May in Mauritius.

Let us first start by saying that Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) is one of the World’s largest global multidisciplinary Alliances.

We interviewed Mr. Giles Brake, CEO of AGA.

Wakanda 4.0: Hello Mr. Brake, can you please introduce AGA?

Giles Brake: Established in 1979, Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) is the world’s fastest-growing, international alliance of law and accounting firms. Member firms in each jurisdiction are among the leading professional services firms in their locations. Each firm is aligned with the alliance’s key objective of meeting the compliance and expansion requirements of growing international companies in their country, and by working together hand in hand, across the world.

Wakanda 4.0:  In how many countries is AGA present?

Giles Brake: Currently, AGA is present in 94 countries on six world continents, but our vision is to establish a truly global presence in 100 countries by 2025. 

Wakanda 4.0:  Can you please share the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of AGA?

Giles Brake: The unique selling proposition for business is on-demand access through leading local firms to a global one-stop-shop of core professional services, but also to specialist expertise in sectors such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech. 

Wakanda 4.0:  How is AGA contributing to the CryptoVerse Summit? 

Giles Brake: Beside our financial support, more importantly we are contributing by participating through our Mauritian member, Lex Frontier law firm. The firm is very active in the space of crypto and its managing partner, Ashveen Gopee, is one of the founding members of the international crypto practice group within AGA. Ashveen will be a speaker and panelist and undoubtedly, he will have much to share during the summit. 

Furthermore, our contribution is also by way of the visibility that we can provide to the CryptoVerse Summit given the span of our worldwide presence.

Wakanda 4.0:  Can we know why you are partnering with the Cryptoverse Summit? 

Giles Brake: 

Our worldwide reach enables us to connect all our members who are active in this space and that knowledge sharing and the collaboration among the members have contributed  immensely to our members becoming very versed on a global scale in this extremely dynamic and cross-border area of practice. In fact, we are seeing an increasing number of our members getting involved in the sector, some even leading this area of practice in their jurisdictions. Today we have member firms based in South America, USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Ghana, India and of course Mauritius, basically across the world, who are very active in this space. 

Given this ever-increasing importance that crypto is occupying within the Alliance, AGA is strategically positioning itself to become the to go to network in the space. Not only do we have high caliber members, but as hinted, we can provide access to services requiring multi-jurisdictional competence, contacts and know-how. 

It was therefore quite natural that we should partner in such an event. But also, we are very much alive to the fact that Mauritius as an experienced financial hub, with its up to mark crypto related legislations, is becoming a predominant player in the crypto world. 

Wakanda 4.0:  What is your feedback and comments on this new industry? (Blockchain & Virtual Assets) 

Giles Brake: Undeniably, there is a world before and after Blockchain. I believe that Virtual Assets and Blockchain technology are here to stay. Already it is a two trillion-dollar industry. There will be generations born into this technology and the industry can only boom further. 

Wakanda 4.0:  How will the CryptoVerse Summit benefit AGA?

Giles Brake: As mentioned, AGA is strategically positioning itself to become a leader and the ‘go to’ international network in the field of crypto. Our decision to partner with the summit forms part of that strategy. Not only is the summit being held in an important crypto jurisdiction, but it will also be streamed in several countries, which will provide AGA with the brand visibility we are targeting. 

Wakanda 4.0:  What are your expectations of this event?

Giles Brake: This is multi-dimensional. Firstly, to share our common knowledge in this exciting area through the participation of our Mauritian member, Lex Frontier. And secondly, to become more visible as an international network that can provide access to cross-border competence in the field of crypto.

Wakanda 4.0:  What are your views on the potential of Mauritius as a leading Fintech Hub in the African Region?

Giles Brake: Mauritius is already a proven financial hub of excellence in the region. Fintech will be a plug in to the established reputation of Mauritius and the great potential on offer there.

Wakanda 4.0:  Would you encourage the International Virtual Assets Service Providers to set up their Headquarters and be licensed in Mauritius?

Giles Brake: Mauritius with its strong AML/ CFT framework which is FATF compliant, together with its virtual asset service providers legislation, is a serious competitor in this field.